Letters From Our Airedale Owners and Vets

Janet     2/29/13 Michigan

I wanted to take a minute to give you an update on 'Gus' who was out of the 12/30/12 litter and now calls Michigan his home.

We honestly can't say enough good things about Gus. We've been doing obedience and other training classes with him and just started one where we will test for canine good citizen at the end. He easily makes friends, human and canine and has the tendency to be the class clown. He goes to a boarding facility on occasion and they are impressed that they can put him in any play group and he just gets along with everyone (and he isn't neutered yet, that impresses them even more!).

At home he is our 17 month old daughters best friend, so loving and wonderful with her. He is always watching where she is and wanting to be near her. We are expecting a baby in April and expect that he will be equally wonderful with that child. The temperament that you have bred into your dogs shows, people often compliment Gus and his behavior and friendliness.

We have cattle and sheep on our farm and he is learning to be great with all the livestock. He loves having the pastures and crop fields to run in and definitely gets his exercise! If he hears "barn" or sees our barn boots out he is at the door ready to go, no matter the weather or hour.

We can't say enough good about him, he has been a wonderful addition to our family!

Valencia, CA     2/22/14

Oh he is awesome. He has the greatest temperament. He is almost potty trained. #1 he actually tells us now that he needs to go but #2 for some reason he does not like to go outside. He is already sleeping through the night. I already micro chipped him. He is eating good, only time stops playing when he can't anymore and drops on the floor asleep. Loves the outside (maybe that's why he doesn't want to poop: he knows that he is going to go in when he does).

Overall, we are really happy with him. When I was taking him to the vet for his check up, my wife asked me why. I told her that just to make sure that everything is good and he doesn't have any issues. She said "like if he does have any issues anyone here is going to let you exchange him?"

The puppy came in and felt at home on day one. Almost like he was returning to us and not seeing us for the first time. And my family fell in love on day one as well. My little one, 4, sleeps with the lamp on but these couple of days he wants Dante in his room and he asked us to turn the light off so it doesn't bother Dante. He has been sleeping without the light.

It's just amazing how simple creature can affect our lives like that.

Dear Janet,

Just wanted to check-in with you and let you know that Darby who was born on 10/8/2010 is doing well. We have just completed our second obedience class and I say "we" because her parents have been trained also. She is a very obedient and SMART girl. Even our trainer has been impressed with her.

She has brought so much joy and laughter into our home over the last year. She has now taken the role of playing mom to our aging Yorkshire Terrier. He is now approaching 14 and steadily going blind. She patiently guides him outside and waits for him and brings him back into the house. If he is in need of something, she will actually come and get me. She is just amazing. When he is having one of his good days, the two of them actually run all around the house barking and playing. I think she is actually keeping him young!

We are going to continue with an advance adult obedience class next to keep her busy. We still walk 3 miles a day. She has made so many friends in our community. She actually has a following on our walking path. There are friends that will actually have little treats in their pocket for her when we pass by. Everyone knows the Darby!! There are even children in the neighborhood that have play dates with her. She is quite the dog.

You truly are a wonderful breeder. I have never seen such a personality in a dog. She loves everyone and everyone loves her! Thank you so much for giving us so much joy! I don't know how you did it, but you truly matched the perfect dog personality for our family.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

J & J Smith Chesapeake, VT.

Dear Janet,
It was a year and a half ago when my husband called you to see if you had a litter with a female. He was so distraught because we had just lost our wonderful Maggie in an accident. You said you did and out we came from Vermont. You picked out Lucy for us knowing that we are innkeepers and need a more mellow Airedale for greeting duties. Well, she is a year and a half old now and the joy of our lives. Everyone loves her, even some of our friends who are not as in love with dogs as we are. She’s a perfect “young lady” with a fabulous temperament. Thank you for both of our wonderful Airedales.
Sincerely, A.G., Vermont

R.G., DVM (IL)
Dear Ms. Framke and Johnson,
I recently saw one of your puppies, now named “Max”. I have to say I was impressed with the material you had sent home with them. I am used to seeing anything and everything when it comes to breeder advice.
Most of the time there is something I disagree with. But the information you provided was excellent all the way through. It is obvious to me that you all are in this for the love and the advancement of the breed instead of other reasons.
I think Max is a wonderful puppy, and we all fondly remember their prior dog, Alex, whom also came from your kennel. We look forward to serving Max and his family for a very long time. I hope you don’t mind if I use you as an Airedale recommendation in the future. Keep up the good work!

C.B., DVM (IN) Dear Janet Framke: You are a rarity—an intelligent, caring breeder. It sure was nice chatting with you!

L.W. (Atlanta) 2/10/09 You'll really be interested in how pup George and I had spent the morning yesterday. A visit to "Dr. Marty" in South Salem, N.Y. Just for an introduction and his opinions on the kinds on things you and I last talked about. George, as I told him, is happy and healthy and he agreed! When I'm back in Atlanta next week I'll call and tell you all about it. A great morning and very positive experience. For me. And George. When I told Dr. Marty about my/your last (long) conversation about vaccinations, heartworm, fleas/ticks, food, and neutering and my plans to follow the "Janet plan" he absolutely LOVED IT and said he thought you were great. (My goodness, your Superstar-dom pops up everywhere!) I'm telling you...Dr. Marty plus "Dr. Janet" may just be the next home run...

Some smiles for you about George, 15 weeks old yesterday. He truly has become a Superstar in my mind and in my world. A two-day drive to New York from Atlanta, arriving New York last Monday. Two eight-hour car rides which he handled beautifully. Never required the backseat "kennel." Rode happily and peacefully in the front passenger seat the whole way. He's made literally dozens of doggie friends in Central Park during his 4-5 park walks everyday. And frequently runs off leash with the small ones and the big ones and is everyone's perfect little playmate. You should have seen him with his first Great Dane! George is happy and friendly and beautifully socialized. The lobby staff in my building adores him, and I'm staggered that after only a week here, when we're dashing up the sidewalk of my block (which includes mostly residential buildings and hotels) lots of people, many of whom I don't know, smile and call him by name.

M.G. (CA) 5/29/10 I just wanted to say how over the moon we are with our girl. I cannot thank you both enough for gracing us with such a lovely dog. We get constant compliments of just how pretty and well behaved she is. Fellow Airedale owners stop and fawn over how awesome she is and wish theirs were like our girl. She is patient, undemanding, and affectionate. I thought I would share what happened today.

I am showing Lakies for some friends this weekend at the Mission Circuit. I brought Devin along for fun. There was a major in Airedales. I arrived early at the ring to watch. I wanted to see what was currently being shown. There were quality dogs that had some nice attributes. I try to look at the whole package and not pick apart a dog. I can't stand when people just fault judge. Drives me nuts. In my opinion, hands down, not ONE bitch was as well balanced or as striking as our girl. Not a single one wowed me. This has only affirmed why I wanted an Airedale from Stone Ridge.

I was taking Devin outside and came across Woody. For the heck of it I asked him what he thought of my pup. He asked a few questions, "How old? Where from? etc." I told him and he smiled. "Did I know his first Airedale he Championed was a Stone Ridge dog?" Wood put his hands on her and said, "Wow! Nice bone and square." He asked me to move her. I did back and forth several times. He told me to stop a few times and have her stand. He literally flipped his lid over her. He told me she had excellent movement which was rare in bitches. (Really?) He LOVED her expression and gorgeous long muzzle, narrow head. Gorgeous headpiece. I agreed with the assessment. He understood she was a little unsure. I explained I brought her along because she needed to gain exposure and experience. Her tail was wagging the whole time but wasn't UP. He asked me to walk her over to another bitch in a pen so he could see what she would do. I was not worried. Devin has been around lots of dogs and other Airedales and has had many good experiences with appropriate dogs. I knew she would be fine. I gave Devin a lot of line and allowed her to approach on her own.

This will make you smile...
That Devin slowly approached with curiosity and intrigue. She stacked herself perfectly on her tiptoes, tail upright wagging furiously. She leveled her head and I swear she shouted. "LOOK AT ME!" She turned back at me and smiled with that Airedale grin.

GOOD GIRL! I praised her considerably for being such a savvy gal. I wish I could send you both a picture of Woody's expression that very moment. As I was walking away He said, "Easily finished and Specials quality. Very Nice" He wanted to see more of her tomorrow and again in three months. I think he would have penciled her in on the spot for next Summer.

R.W. (Maine) “Our little Airedale pup is doing great. She’s eating well, sleeping well, loves to play, and enjoys new people and new dogs. She’s very calm and eager to please, we are very happy owners. Bella received high marks from the vet. Next week we begin puppy class.

Nancy (S.C.) Thought I would give you an update on Nell. What a great dog, she is just beautiful. She was spayed last month and all shots are completed so she is finished with the vet I hope. She has the most beautiful head and ear set. I did not paste them as they were perfect all along. I think she will be smaller than Tess and a bit finer and she has the best personality. She's well behaved at the horse shows and stays with her two 'brothers' and comes when she called (most of the time). The day before I was leaving Aiken in the spring I took her out for a walk and a lady stopped her car, got out and came running over. She said it was the most beautiful Airedale puppy she had seen and would it possibly be of Stone Ridge breeding! I couldn't believe it. She was a huge Airedale fan and has had them all her life and said you can't mistake a 'Stone Ridge' dog. So there you are, you are famous in S.C.!

P.T. (MO) Hi Janet! Hilde went to the vet yesterday and we were all impressed at her excellent health and general condition. The vet said her ears were great, her heart sounded great, negative stool sample, her nails were all taken care of. Gary and I thought she was great before, but it is so nice to hear it. And I know, you knew she was! I'm so glad we got her from you.

R.W. (IL) Janet, Thank-you for this wonderful puppy. She reminds us of the one we lost. Her face, little white blaze, and especially her personality. My vet was totally impressed with her. She doesn't give the A+ mark to too many puppies, but this one got it. She told me "She's a keeper" Thanks again for this great puppy.

C.S. (NC) Dear Janet, We are very delighted to tell you Winston is growing by leaps and bounds weighs 19.4 coloring is beautiful. He is quick to learn fun to train. The vets say he is a very fine airedale ( of course we already knew that)! Will send you some photos by mail soon. Do hope this finds you well and thank you so much for raising such well tempered Airedales!

Dr. & Mrs. S (DVM) (PA) Dear Mrs. Framke, We arrived back in Pa. last evening. Everything went well with Miss Shugar. She is a very well trained puppy and was a pure joy. You not only know your Dogs but this is one two legged individual you sized up quickly! I love this little girl! She had a bath before bed last night and her coat is amazingly shiny and beautiful. Please bear with me. this is the first time I have ever had the pleasure of learning about this breed and I am very happy my husband made this choice.That Dear Lady is only because of the quality of your blood line. We had the misfortune of introducing me to the breed with very bad examples and I was very apprehensive of this trip for that reason. What a joy when I saw your babies! Enough from me, I am certain at this point you have surmised I am happy with my husbands choice.

9/12/10 Graham H., Ohio Janet - I just wanted to tell you how beyond impressed I am with this dog! She is incredible and is everything I wanted and more. You were very professional with me and that made for such an incredible experience. From one dog lover to another, it is appreciated. Thanks again and stay in touch.

D.F. (Iowa) Dear Janet, Just wanted to thank you for the perfect puppy! Francie is definately our dream dog. She is calm, sweet, relaxed, fun and incredibly smart. She has already learned her name, "come" and "off." She was crate trained almost immediately (now sleeps through a 7 hr. night) and seemed to know instinctively that the first thing you do when you go outside is to go to the bathroom. All this and adorable too. Think we'll go with Stone Ridge Lady Frances as her registered name.

L.P. (Reno) Hi Janet... Just wanted to let you know that Adrian is doing fine. She has brought a tremendous amount of joy to our home. She is incredibly smart, and has a wonderful personality...Everyone that meets her comments on what a beautiful Airedale she is. Adrian gets along well with our other pets, and already knows a handful of commands. Melissa tells me not to teach her too much too early. But Adrian learns SO incredibly quick! She knows her name, sit, shake hands, stay, come, down, and off. The other night I taught her how to "speak" (one bark) for a treat. She is more than twice as big as when we met her on July 13th. VERY happy, always wagging her tail, and playing extraordinarily well with the kids. My very "picky" mother-in-law was very impressed with the beauty, intelligence, and temperament of this wonderful Airedale! I'll keep in touch!

L.S. (FLA) About 3 1/2 years ago I bought an airedale puppy from you. Just wanted to tell you he is all you said he would be. He is the love of my life. Enclosed a couple of pictures my daughter took today.

R.G. (FL) Janet- I wanted to let you know how much our family has enjoyed our Stone Ridge Airedale over the years. When she arrived in Oct. of 1991, I realized she was born on the day (Aug. 17th) that I moved from Chicago to Miami, to continue my career with Northern Trust . Since that time, Miami has become home, but of course I still have many ties, both personal and business to the Chicago area. In those nine years, Margaret and I went through Hurricane Andrew together (huddled in an hallway of a Coconut Grove home) and many other adventures. As there are not too many Airedales in Miami, Margaret became somewhat of a celebrity in the neighborhoods that I lived. First because people watched her antics as she grew up, and second because she was such a friendly and good looking dog. I'm sure you know how many Airedales there are that are oversized and don't look like the "standard". After 2 years I moved to a neighborhood that was changing from part of Little Havana to an upscale urban spot. I was the only "Gringo" at first, and Margaret was really a star because most Cubans hadn't seen a Airedale since Havana, if then! Since I bought the house in part because it had a large gated lot, It became known as Casa de sueno Margarita --- or Margaret's dream, because she was always out at the gate wagging her tail at passersby. During the last 2 years, we've been building a new house in the same area, and Margaret moved there with us 2 months ago. Although she was getting frail, she had lots of friends in the neighborhood: 2 Labs, I Springer, A German Shepard next door , 2 cats---- which of course you know Airedales love, and 2 Guinea hens ! So her last days were happy. As you can imagine we have been in a traumatic state since losing her, but last night's news that I had made contact with you, that you were still in the raising Airedales and that a pup would be available soon, made some people very happy. Your dogs do make a difference !

S.K. (IL) Hello Janet, I'm sure you get a lot of these, but I thought it would be nice to send you an update on our male puppy that we received from you and your husband on Oct 29, 2007 We decided to name him Brutus Maximus Kurtenbach. As of last week he is 6 months old and is well on his way to weighing 40 pounds. He’s a big boy, but definitely a lover. :) He’s already graduated from puppy preschool and two weeks ago started an obedience class. He’s doing really well and catches on quickly. He looks forward to all of the treats as well as playing with the other dogs after class. I work as a nanny for a 15 month old girl and she and Brutus have quickly become best friends. They play fetch constantly and he’s teaching her to share. :) My husband and I are so happy in our choice, we could not have picked a better dog or breeder for that matter! We can not thank you enough!

(Utah) Janet, Thank you for the nice note, and for Walter! He is the most wonderful dog I have ever had! Maybe this fall he will go into Utility - He knows the tricks, but doesn't always pay attention. Anyway, he is truly an amazing guy. Very mellow, great personality, the absolute best!

Yugoslavia Dear Jeri, You are so right. You are very lucky that Jenet picked him out for you. But that only states how great Airedale lady she is. Bentley is gorgeus. He is so beautiful. He has one of the greatest heads I have been lucky enough to see lately. The rest is poetry. I bet he will finish his championship in no time at all. How he is in movement? I bet he is like a wind. I like him so much. And he must be great fun to be with, with all this sence of humor and readiness to play, and he must be wonderful among other dogs.

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